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July 19, 2019
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August 9, 2019
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Professional CV / Resume For UAE Job Market

Professional CV writing in UAE

Time To Take The Next Step To Your Career Ladder?

Ever wonder why you never hear back from jobs after sending multiple applications?. It is possible that your CV or resume does not meet the standards of the UAE job market. We Find Jobs will assist you in preparing your resume and cover letter for success. We write top quality CV/ Resume according to needs by UAE employers. We design your documents to suit industry best practice. We empower our clients by offering professional selection criteria answer to help them win.

Join thousands of successful job-seekers at the leading CV/Resume writing service in the UAE. Employ a staff of native English-speaking CV writers of the highest caliber to work on your application. Professional cover letter and linkedin profiles are supplied for free with our packages. A well-written CV can make all the difference in your UAE job hunt; it is your marketing and communication tool for your career. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the appropriate words to describe what you’ve accomplished in your job, or maybe you’re ready to advance your career but don’t know how to link your experience with your next step. The We Find Jobs team specializes in documenting your career accomplishments, successes, and results.

We always construct CVs/resumes to emphasize achievements, successes, and outcomes over responsibilities, and to quantify and qualify your triumphs with substantial facts and numbers, so that a potential employer can immediately determine your suitability for a position. Wherever possible, we build an achievements section on the main page of your paper, and comment on these achievements. The only way for recruiters and headhunters in UAE to quickly grasp your experience, talents, and areas of expertise is to review your accomplishments. However, when it comes to accomplishments, recruiters are primarily interested in results and evidence or confirmation of those results. Employers recruit candidates who can get outcomes. And the best predictor of what you can do for your next company is to provide evidence in your CV of what results you have delivered your past companies. This detail is of particular significance to employers. This is why it is essential to write CVs and resumes based on proof.

If you want to improve the likelihood that your CV / Resume will be discovered in the crowded and highly competitive Dubai and UAE job markets, you need a CV / Resume that stands out from the crowd. CV’s today are not merely a dry, chronological history of your work to date, or a laundry list of what you do in your day-to-day job – they are career marketing documents that should position you as the perfect candidate for the opportunities you apply for. Through these questions, we hope to glean the essence of what distinguishes you from other candidates and your own brand. In order to do this, we need to look into what value you bring to a possible employer in UAE that other candidates won’t. We do this by showing proof of your achievements. Your CV must pass via candidate management software and application tracking systems in order to avoid being discarded by a computer during the screening process, prior to being examined by a human. It must be easy to read both online and offline, pass through computerized screening systems (Applicant Tracking Systems, or ATS), and provide strong and obvious examples of the outcomes of your accomplishments so that potential employers can understand the value you bring to the work. The We Find Jobs team can deliver CVs and resumes that simply pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and land you interviews in the UAE job market.