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July 19, 2019
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August 9, 2019
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Professional CV / Resume For UAE Job Market

Professional CV writing in UAE

Time To Take The Next Step To Your Career Ladder?

Ever wonder why you never hear back from employers after sending many applications?. It might be that your CV / Resume is not up to the scratch according to UAE job market. Set yourself up for success and get your documents up to scratch with We Find Jobs. We write top notch CV/ Resume according to requirements by UAE employers. We tailor your documents to meet industry best practice. We enable our clients by providing professional selection criteria response to help them win.

Join thousands of successful jobseekers at UAE’s top professional CV / Resume writing service. Get a team of world class native English speaking professional CV writers working on your application. Professional cover letter and linkedin profiles are included for free with our packages. A well written CV can make all the difference in your UAE job search, your CV is your career marketing and communications tool. Sometimes it’s really hard finding the right words to explain what you’ve achieved in your career so far, or perhaps you’re ready to make a move up the career ladder, but don’t know how to align your experience with your next career move. We Find Jobs team is specialised in writing your achievements, successes, accomplishments and results in your career.

We always write CV / Resume to focus more on achievements and successes and outcomes over responsibilities, and make your successes quantifiable, and qualifiable with weighty facts and figures, so an employer can quickly ascertain your suitability for a position. Wherever possible, we develop an achievements section on the front page of your document, and elaborate on these achievements. Achievements are just what recruiters and headhunters in UAE need to see so they can get a quick understanding of your experience, strengths and areas of expertise. When it comes to achievements though, what recruiters are really looking for is results, and evidence or proof of those results. Employers recruit candidates who can get results. And the best indicator of what you can do for your next employer is to provide evidence in your CV of what results you have given your previous employers. It’s this detail that really interests employers. This is why it’s very important to write evidence-based CV’s and resumes.

If you want to increase your chances of having your CV / Resume noticed in a very crowded and highly competitive Dubai and UAE market, you need a stunning exceptional CV / Resume that will rise above the rest. CV’s today are not just a dry, chronological history of your employment to date, or a laundry list of what you do in your day-to-day job – they are career marketing documents that should position you as the perfect candidate for the roles you apply for. Through our questioning, we aim to get to the essence of what you have that sets you apart from other candidates and what your personal brand is. In order to do this, we need to delve into what value you bring to a potential employer in UAE that other candidates won’t. We do this by presenting proof of your achievements. Your CV needs to make it through the candidate management software and applicant tracking systems so that it doesn’t get discarded in the screening process by a computer, before it’s even read by a real person. It needs to be easy to read both online and offline, be capable of making it through electronic screening processes (Applicant Tracking Systems, or ATS), and give strong and clear examples of the results of your achievements so potential employers can see the value that you add to your role. We Find Jobs team can deliver the CV / Resume that easily get passed through ATS software and win you interviews easily in UAE job market.