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Are you not receiving calls from potential employers? Is it possible that your CV is holding you back? Help from a professional CV writer could be the answer!

It is essential that your professional CV stands out in today's job-seeking scene because there are currently more expatriates in UAE than there have ever been, and they are applying for every job vacancy. It's a reflection of who you are inside and out! Our CV Writers have vast experience in the area in which you are seeking a job and are well-versed in the requirements that UAE businesses have for applicants' curriculum vitae. We are familiar with how to highlight your skills and experiences, and we will ensure that your CV stands out from the applications of other applicants by avoiding the use of templates and designing it in a manner that is typical of CVs used in your field. We are confident in our ability to create a CV for a graduate just as much as we are capable of creating a CV for a certain industry because all of our writers are native English speakers who are familiar with the appropriate way to pitch each level. By providing you with a fast and easy way to draft your CV, we hope to set you apart from the other applicants and increase the likelihood that you will be invited for an interview. You will have a substantial competitive advantage over other people applying for jobs in the UAE if you have a CV that is both properly written and presented. We provide a one-of-a-kind service that is both adaptable and versatile, and it can be fashioned to meet the needs of each individual. When it comes to securing interviews for our customers, we have a stellar track record, with a success rate that is more than 90 percent. The wide variety of clients that we have all around the world have benefited from the interview-winning CVs that our CV writers have developed. Individuals as well as significant organizations have placed their faith in our ability to deliver CV writing services of the highest possible quality.

Your technical and soft abilities as well as your interpersonal skills, your ability to be a team player, and the results you generate that are beneficial to the company should all be highlighted in a professional CV. We will prepare an expert CV for you that highlights your previous successes, skills, and capabilities to take on new challenges, as well as the value you contribute to the firm. We are here to provide a really one-of-a-kind service for you, regardless of whether you currently have a CV or are beginning from scratch. We make it our business to get to know you on a personal and professional level so that we can craft a CV that will get you interviews. With more than a decade's worth of experience working in the UAE, we are dedicated to developing the most impressive CV possible for you, one that will not only live up to but also surpass all of your expectations. We are supported by a staff of highly experienced writers who are based in Dubai and who have a comprehensive knowledge of the job market in the UAE as well as the requirements that it places on applicants. Because of the professional approach we take, we are able to assist in bringing out your latent talents and skills in your CV, which makes it much easier for you to get shortlisted throughout the application process.

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Free CV Review

Send in a copy of your CV to us and one of our professional CV Writers will assess it and email you with their suggestions as to how it could be improved to ensure it is viewed more positively by a prospective employer.

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Get Noticed – Get Hired

The quality of your CV is the very first factor on which an employer will evaluate you, and in the very competitive labor market that exists in the UAE today, it is more vital than it has ever been to make a good first impression. Our CV writing service is successful because we know exactly what to include, exactly what not to include, and exactly what sort of spin to put on your CV. This ensures that your CV will stand out from the crowd and increases the likelihood that you will be hired for the job that you desire.

Free Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile

When applying for jobs in the UAE, your CV typically needs to be accompanied by a cover letter, which can serve as an important tool for introducing oneself to potential employers. Whether you have an existing LinkedIn profile or not, we can create, rewrite, or optimize it in synergy with your CV. Cover letters and LinkedIn profiles are included with our packages free of charge.

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    Go to our sign-up page and choose a package according to your work experience. Fill out the form, upload your current CV or questionnaire, and then complete the payment online using a credit or debit card.

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    CV Writer gets assigned and he/she will give you a call or WhatsApp you to discuss your expectations and ask for relevant details about your work experience, education, etc.

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    CV Writing Dubai

    You receive the first draft and give feedback to the CV Writer, after making the necessary changes you will receive the final version of the CV with a cover letter.